Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention Therapy

DVT pump / Cirona® 6200

The Cirona® 6200 has two added features over its predecessor; a rechargeable battery to provide portable therapy and a detachable power cord to provide users with an even friendlier DVT pump. Expect the same quality and comfort that the 6100 provides with the Cirona® 6200 DVT prevention therapy pump. When using the device, air compression will quickly inflate the garments during a timed cycle. The timed cycle includes a 12-second inflation period as well as a 48-second relaxation period. This type of rapid air compression and deflation is powerful effective therapy that may increase venous blood flow and help prevent the painful symptoms of serious, life threatening blood clots.

DVT pump -Devon24D and Devon24D (R)

The Devon24D and Devon24D (R) are Pneumatic Compression portable DVT prevention devices. It is a completely portable intermittent pneumatic compression device that has a battery lasting up to 24 hours. The compression therapy mimics the body’s natural muscle contractions to increase venous blood flow to the body’s lower extremities

INFUSION Technology

Infusion Technology / Graseby™ 1200 Infusion Pump

Graseby™ 1200 Infusion Pump EASY TO USE • Option to use 9 different brands of infusions sets which includes 5 frequently used brands that have been pre-calibrated • Direct rate input or automatic calculation of delivery rate based on volume and time setting • Infusion set loading guidelines displayed on the top of the pump • Removable pump mechanism that is easy to clean

Infusion Technology / Graseby™ 2100 syringe pump

The Graseby™ 2100 range of syringe pumps provide reliable and precise infusions for a range of clinical therapy areas. Graseby™ infusion pumps have been trusted by healthcare professionals for over 30 years. Both pumps deliver medication as a continuous infusion at rate between 0.1 ml/h to 1200 ml/h depending on the syringe size

Infusion Technology / Graseby™ C9 syringe pump

The Graseby™ C9 syringe pump provides safe, reliable and easy to use infusions for a range of clinical therapy areas. Graseby™ pumps have been used by clinicians for nearly 40 years in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Operating Rooms (OR) and general wards.

Mechanical Ventilator

Mechanical ventilators / ParaPAC plus Mechanical Ventilator

The paraPAC plus gives you the versatility to deliver mechanical ventilation, demand and free flow oxygen therapy and CPAP all from one compact, lightweight unit. It enables greater control of breathing parameters. The dual controls allow easy selection of tidal volume and frequency to match your patient’s ventilatory requirements.

Surgical Instrument (DEVICES & LIGHT)

Surgical Tables / KL-200 surgical table

Our KL-200, is an electromotorized surgical table with manual and individual leg movement, extremely versatile and ideal for general and specialty surgery. Movement flexibility: greater angles that allow the surgeon to position the patient in accor- dance with the requirements of the procedure and technique used

Surgical Tables / Klyo CR400 ICU bed

Our standard hospital bed provides an excellent level of comfort for the patient and the hospital staff. This electric bed is completely adjustable and has 4 sections in the standard and electrical model, for all types of movements. Different options can be added to both models, including scale, X-Ray cassette, elevation posts, Balkan frame, battery,

Surgical Lights / Surgical lights M300/M310

Specification Max 160,000 lx Intensity Color Temperature (M300 : 4,300 K / M310 : 3,800 K / 4,300 K / 4,800 K) Excellent Depth of Volume of Light (L1+L2 150 cm) Ra 95 of Highest Level of CRI Ra 90 of red color rendering ability Selectable Focal Size (Dia.20 cm ~ Dia.30 cm) Excellent Dilution