Trauma Products

Innovative solutions to restore shape and function , we offer solution to
shoulder & Elbow
Hip and Femur

To meet the challenge of treating patients with traumatic injuries,

SurgiTech offers a wide range of fracture fixation products specifically designed to address the intricate anatomy and physiology of the extremities.

Hand & Wrist

MAX VPC™ Screw System

Designed to provide reduction and compression as well as structural support during healing

The MAX VPC Screw System comprised of cannulated, headless, fully threaded screws designed to provide the user tactile feedback during insertion, provide compression to the bone fragments and structural support during healing.


Zimmer® Universal Locking System

Comprehensive fixation system for a wide variety of fractures.

The Zimmer® Universal Locking System (ULS) includes straight and formed plates that will accommodate standard cortical and cancellous screws, along with locking screws that have threaded heads which enable them to be threaded into plate holes. The ULS plates resemble standard plates, but have figure-8 shaped holes which will accommodate standard or locking screws on either side of the hole. As a result, the plate can be used, depending upon the fracture situation, as a compression plate, a locked internal fixator or as an internal fixation system combining both techniques