مواصفات الفنية لسيارة اسعاف مجهزة إسعاف حالات مستقرة تجهيز محلي كابينه المريض مبطنه بكبسوله من الفيبر جلاس الاملس عالى الجوده وهى مفصله خصيصا للفراغ الداخلى للسياره و تتماشى مع جميع الانحنائات وعلاقات الابواب الجانبيه و الخلفيه و قوائم السياره من الداخل . غرفه المريض معزوله عزل حرارى من الصوف الزجاجى داخل الحوائط

Mobile Clinics & Hospitals / Mobile Intensive Care Unit

To overcome the shortage of ICU beds in general, particularly with the spread of stress conditions like that of Corona Virus, our engineering team were able to design a 30 ICU bed mobile unite with all accessories that will allow the unit to work independently such as in remote areas or in conjunction to existing…

Mobile Clinics & Hospitals / Mobile Clinic

General Medicine The Shelter® for the general practitioner is fitted with all necessary equipment for primary medical care or initial examinations before assignment to a specialist, as well as for the treatment of minor injuries. The Shelter is specifically configured to customer requirements and application. Emergency Physicians Equipped with an operating table, the emergency

Mobile Clinics & Hospitals / Standalone Rescue Mobile Operating Unit

In the standard configuration, the mobile operation room is equipped with an operating table. Optionally, a second operating table or alternatively, an operation-preparation station can be integrated. In terms of the basic requirements for clean-air modules – sterility, air filtration and gas supply-, the operation room does not differ from stationary operation rooms

Mobile Clinics & Hospitals / Radiology Unit

The semitrailer can be equipped both with a computer tomography unit as well as a magnetic resonance tomography unit. The examination area is separated from the monitoring area. Depending on specification, the outer walls of the semitrailer and the monitoring area are lead-shielded up to 4 mm (CT) as well as HF and magnetically shielded (MRT).

Complete Configuration Field Hospital

Complete Configuration Field Hospital : ( Complete Hospital Units) contain the below :- Shelter modules 1 – Operation 2 – Intensive Care Unit 3 – Sterilization 4 – Radiology 5 – Laboratory 6 – Pharmacy Tent modules 7 – Reception / Triage 8 – Emergency Room 9 – Connection Tent 10 – Nursing Care