Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Product Description

To overcome the shortage of ICU beds in general, particularly with the spread of stress conditions like that of Corona Virus, our engineering team were able to design a 30 ICU bed mobile unite with all accessories that will allow the unit to work independently such as in remote areas or in conjunction to existing medical premises.


Depending on ICU need, the unit can move from one location to another using conventional transporting methods.

Cost effectiveness

Building ICU requires large investment that takes long time to build with all the logistics associated with such projects.
We offer 120 days fast track option for this 30 ICU bed option with a fraction of the cost.
Converting ICUs into mobile units can reduce the total number of fixed units needed in any country. Apparently, the need for ICUs depends on the emergency and can vary depending on crises, medical emergencies, or even changing normal circumstances. Thus, the cost incurred by health authorities in countries can be reduced via providing high quality mobile units that
can fill in the need in various places instead of purchasing a larger number of units for each hospital.

The unit is based on two 40 foot shipping containers modified

to be placed side by side after extension provisions to form
the main area accommodating 18 ICU beds and two side
extensions to accommodate 12 ICU beds

Mechanical modifications within the container body.
– Three layers of foldable structure are made to the container body.
– Complete hinged floor 12 meters long built with a special hinge design.
– Complete ceiling 12 meters length with special design hinges to allow proper folding in the layer position.

 – Two side walls are built from hollow steel beams.
– Two electric cranes mounted to the internal body and a system of pulley, arms, steel ropes and hooks which fixed to allow mechanical movement of floor and ceiling.

Isolation material of 5cm have been laid to measure and placed on the walls for sound and heat isolation.
All cabling works, medical gas piping and compressed air pipes have been carefully laid inside the walls and all way
to be finally connected to its terminal over the bed unit outlet.

Antibacterial lining covered the walls in a completely sealed joint manner.

Antibacterial antistatic hospital type vinyl floor covers with rounded corners for hygiene purposes. 

Surveillance camera system connected to both nurse stations to live monitoring all patients.
Patients bio data of life support equipment are pushed to the nursery gathered on a workstation with a 32 inch screen.


Two service trailers is provided with all utilities that is supporting the whole main unit.

Oxygen station

Consists of
1.48 oxygen cylinders 40 litter each
2. regulator system wall mount Air Liquiede France
3. pipes MTM Germany
4. wall mount locking mechanism
5. quick coupling connectors


Compressed Air

Consists of
1. Medical grade oil free air cooled Atlascopco Belgium .
2. Freon dryer Italy .
3. Pipes MTM Germany .
4. Quick coupling connectors .
5. Air tank 1000 litre .

Electric power system

1. Electric Generator
Perkins 45 KVA ENGLAND with silencer 400 liter diesel fuel tank 7 leter per hour . (Uninterruptible power supply) system .

3. ATS (Automatic transfer switch) system .

4. Battery matrix (16 units) 3 hours after main source and generator out .

5. High sockets 32 A 63 A 125 A .

6. Control board .

7. Safety switches .

The system is designed to be supplied from an out source field as default.
In case of power outage the unit is automatically starts the power generator (to empower all the unit loads including AC, life support medical devices and lighting).
Two generators are backing up each other simultaneously, if both generators are down, the UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) system engages to keep the system up and running for 3 hours without Air conditions.

  Toilets (for patients – staff)
Ramps, stairs
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