Mobile Clinic

Product Description

General Medicine

The Shelter® for the general practitioner is fitted with all necessary equipment for primary medical care or initial examinations before assignment to a specialist,

as well as for the treatment of minor injuries.
The Shelter is specifically configured to customer requirements and application.


Emergency Physicians

Equipped with an operating table, the emergencyphysician shelter establishes all requirements for swift general and emergency-medical care:– 

– Ensuring the breathing
– Securing the airway
– Securing the blood circulation
– Stopping bleeding
– Emergency operations
– Initial treatment for stabilization prior to transportation






Due to the diverse range of examination and treatment methods within in the ENT field, the detailed outfitting of these highly specialized shelters is planned and realized in accordance with the respective examination scope and customer
Special equipment and features (e.g. an acoustic room) can be integrated in the shelter.

The mobile gynecology shelter covers all medical requirements in the area of gynecology. Specific gynecological requirements are met with the aid of equipment, which is arranged in accordance with the particular assignment.







With the ophthalmology unit, various stages of eye treatment can be handled, from the mere examination to ambulant eye operations (e.g. cataracts).













In addition to the dentist›s chair, the Dental Shelter is equipped with an integrated vacuum system and compressor; optionally, intraoral X-ray and OPT (oral pathology) can be integrated.
The water connection at the dentist›s chair is installed directly to the water tanks in the shelter floor.









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