KL-200 surgical table

Product Description

Our KL-200, is an electromotorized surgical table with manual and individual leg movement, extremely versatile and ideal for general and specialty surgery.

Movement flexibility: greater angles that allow the surgeon to position the patient in accor- dance with the requirements of the procedure and technique used.

The split legs give easier access to the patient during the procedure. With a manual longitu- dinal movement, the table provides improved image access and free access to the C arm.

Security and efficacy: The chassis structure with reinforced stainless steel offers high resis- tance and reliability. Its rectangular base and large, dual castors provides absolute stability in maneuvers around the OR while being compliant with the most stringent regulations and hospital requirements.

The KL-200 was designed to meet the requirements of a demanding OR staff seeking tech- nological innovation, flexibility and quality while achieving a great low cost to high benefit balance.

The table is fully configurable with its components and accessories allowing for complete modularity in order to cover the needs of all surgical specialties.

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