GENTA-COLL® resorb

Product Description

GENTA-COLL® resorb is a haemostatic collagen sponge containing the aminoglycoside antibiotic – gentamicin.


The proven properties of the collagen sponge…

  • implantable
  • haemostatic
  • absorbable
  • pliable
  • highly absorbent
  • structurally stable and elastic in the moist wound environment
  • biocompatible

… combined with the antibiotic protection of gentamicin: GENTA-COLL® resorb is recommended for haemostasis

  • in clean or contaminated wounds
  • in septic surgery, e.g. revision surgery
  • when there is a high risk of infection


GENTA-COLL® resorb


  • General surgery
  • Cardiac and thoracic surgery
  • Orthopaedics and trauma surgery
  • Peripheral vascular surgery
  • Abscesses and other soft tissue wounds
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