How Soon Can I Get Back To Normal Activities?

In the months following your knee surgery, you’ll most likely be advised to take it easy and modify your positioning to keep pressure off of your knee while it’s healing.

Although exact timing differs by individual, within six weeks after knee replacement surgery, you may be able to walk with a cane. And you may feel well enough to drive a car within seven to eight weeks after surgery. Most doctors will let you resume sexual activities as soon as you feel able. As always, it is best to consult with your doctor about what’s safe for your particular condition.

In most cases, successful knee replacement surgery will relieve your pain and stiffness, and allow you to resume many of your normal daily activities. But even after you have fully recovered from your surgery, you will still have some restrictions. Normal daily activities do not include contact sports or activities that put excessive strain on your knee joints. Although your artificial knee can be replaced, a second implant is seldom as effective as the first.

For the first two years following your knee replacement, you doctor may require you to take preventive antibiotics before dental or surgical procedures that could allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Generally, talk to your orthopedist and your dentist or urologist to see if you still need preventive antibiotics before any scheduled procedures.