Directly after hip surgery

When you are back in your hospital room, you will begin a gentle rehabilitation program to help strengthen the muscles around your new hip and regain your range of motion. Getting up and around soon is important. In fact, you’ll probably be asked to stand as quickly as 24 hours after surgery.


What Can I Do to Help My New Hip Last?

Many factors contribute to an artificial hip’s longevity, including your physical condition, activity level, weight, and the accuracy of the implant placement during surgery. But, while there are no guarantees, the numbers are encouraging. Studies show that more than 80% of all hip replacements across the industry last at least 15 years, and more than 70% last at least 20 years.


Tips For When You’re At Home

It’s very important that you follow your surgeon’s instructions.  Additionaly, here are some suggestions that may make life a little easier at home. Please discuss these with your surgeon before you are discharged from the hospital:

  • Remember that you’ll probably tire more easily than usual.

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