Zimmer Universal Power System surgical

Product Description

An innovative power surgical instrument

Zimmer® Universal Power System surgical equipment gives surgeons unmatched precision and reliability. This Swiss engineered orthopedic surgery tool is powerful and lightweight, featuring a single handpiece for drilling, reaming, and sawing.

Simply choose the handpiece that meets your power-supply needs–battery, electrical, or pneumatic–and the exact attachments for the surgery procedures you perform. Your fully customized system can help increase efficiency, minimize clutter, and reduce costs.

This is the lightest large-bone system on the market, carefully balanced to improve maneuverability and reduce fatigue. The unique hub design makes it simple to reposition attachments to navigate around anatomy. All together, the Zimmer® Universal Power System is designed to provide uncompromising performance during large-bone orthopedic surgical procedures.


Zimmer delivers a new level of quality, performance, and comfort to power surgical instruments, delivering the speed, torque, run times, and charge cycles you demand.

  • Brushless and sensorless electronic motor delivers the necessary speed and torque while improving power output and reliability
  • Lithium battery technology provides superior run times and increased cycle life for reliable power on demand with consistent performance throughout surgical procedures


Each handpiece works with the complete line of attachments:

  • Drill attachments = 5 SKUs
  • Reamer attachments = 5 SKUs x 3 speeds
  • Pin/Wire Driver = 1 SKU (handles 1–4 mm wires)
  • Saw attachments = 2 SKUs
  • Modular couplings = 8 SKUs


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