Zimmer Pulsavac Plus Wound Debridement Family

Product Description

Pulsavac Plus Family Surgical Wound Debridement Systems

The Pulsavac Plus, Pulsavac Plus LP and Pulsavac Plus AC wound debridement systems offer versatile solutions to wound irrigation, wound vacuum cleaning and therapy. Three models, featuring lightweight design and trigger-controlled pressure settings, offer a powerful cleaning action for bone or a gentle lavage for soft tissue. Concurrent suction and irrigation help to thoroughly remove debris and contaminants without flooding the field. The Pulsavac Plus and Pulsavac Plus AC are systems for use in orthopaedic and trauma cases. The Pulsavac Plus LP provides gentle lavage for soft tissue debridement.

Pulsavac Plus

Combines convenience and power for smooth, efficient pulsative wound irrigation and wound debridement. The external battery pack hangs outside the sterile field, and the variety of tips and trigger-controlled pressure offers either powerful cleaning or gentle lavage. The primary application site is the operating room for orthopaedic surgery.Pulsavac Plus operates on eight AA batteries.

Pulsavac Plus AC

An environmentally-friendly option that provides the performance of the Pulsavac Plus without the unneeded waste of alkaline batteries.The Pulsavac Plus AC comes in convenient sterile packages like the Puslavac Plus in addition to a reusable AC Adapter Power Pack that must be purchased separately.

Pulsavac Plus LP

This low pressure system delivers an adjustable, gentle lavage for wound cleaning therapies and is an excellent alternative to traditional whirlpool therapy treatments. Primary application may occur in the OR, ER, wound care clinics, nursing homes or long-term care facilities. Therapy can be done in the patient’s room or at the patient’s home.


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