Revitan Curved Revision Hip System

Product Description

The Revitan™ modular System of Hip Revision Prostheses offers:

  • More combination options
  • Improved second generation products

Materials used:

Stem:  a) PROTASULTM–100 (TiAl6Nb7) clinically proven, biocompatible B) Rough-blasted surface to improve osseointegration

Taper connection: PROTASULTM–21WF (CoCrMo) affords high mechanical resistance

Proximal components has two versions, cylindrical and spout.  The cylindrical version brings the characteristics of:

  • Bone-saving through slim design
  • Suitable for endofemoral approach
  • Only for distal fixation

The spout version characteristics:

  • Longitudinal slots, iImproving the osseointegration
  • A spout design
  • Suitable for distal and proximal fixation

Revitan™ is available as two concepts, curved and straight.

Revitan™ Curved: Characteristics Revitan™ Straight: Characteristics
Rectangular cross-section

2 ribs on each edge

Curvature in the sagittal plane

2° conical
Possibility for static and dynamic distal locking from 18 mm

2 ° conical over 12cm distally

Straight stem with 8 longitudinal sharp ribs

Pressfit fixation

Flattened part in antero-posterior part from 18 mm which increases the elasticity in the sagittal plane

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