NexGen LPS Fixed System

Product Description

The NexGen Complete Knee Solution Legacy Knee Posterior Stabilized (LPS) LPS-Flex Fixed Bearing Knee is designed to accommodate resumption of high-flexion daily activities. Attention to patient selection, surgical technique, implant size, and rehabilitation can help enhance the chances for success. The NexGen Complete Knee Solution LPS-Flex Fixed Bearing Knee can be used with augments and stem extensions.

Many activities of daily living require flexion beyond 120 degrees. Consider climbing stairs (75°-140°), sitting in a chair and standing up again (90°-130°), or squatting (130°-150°).1 The LPS-Flex Fixed Knee extends the NexGen Complete Knee Solution to patients capable of up to 155 degrees of active flexion.

Extended posterior condyles on the femoral component facilitate tibio-femoral contact to support safe high flexion of up to 155 degrees. Conforming geometry of the LPS-Flex Fixed Femoral Component with its articulating surface allows minimal loss of contact area during high flexion.

The deep anterior patellar cut-out on the tibial articulating surface helps reduce patellar tension and provides greater clearance for the extensor mechanism.

A modified posterior stabilized cam/spine mechanism increases subluxation resistance at high flexion angles.

The fixed bearing articulating surface mates with current NexGen tibial baseplates (available with stem extensions and tibial augments) and uses the same polyethylene dovetail locking mechanism. Tibial component implantation uses existing NexGen instrumentation.


  1. Niwa S. Hyperflexion in Japanese knee replacement design and clinical results. Paper presented at: The Wellington Knee Surgery Unit’s Eighth International Teaching Meeting; March 5-6, 1998; London, England.


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