NCB® Periprosthetic Femur System

Product Description

NCB® Periprosthetic Femur System

For stable, versatile periprosthetic femoral plating


The NCB® Periprosthetic Femur Plating System consists of polyaxial locking plates for the treatment of femur fractures, including periprosthetic fractures. It includes a proximal femur plate, a distal femur plate, and a curved femur shaft plate. In the locked mode, the NCB Periprosthetic Femur Plate acts as an internal fixator without contact between the plate and the bone surface, so not to directly impair periosteal blood supply. Screw locking is achieved through the use of locking caps that are threaded into the plate holes. This locking construct provides stability, including when used in osteopenic bone.

Features of the Proximal and Distal Femur Plates

  • Shaped scallops, for better plate contouring across sold cross sections, away from holes
  • Diagonal three-hole pattern allows for multiple screw options
  • Offset holes allow for ease of screw placement around the prosthesis and stable screw anchorage with bi-cortical fixation
  • The central screw holes can accommodate uni-cortical screws, cable buttons and cables

Five screw types allow both bi-cortical and uni-cortical fixation

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