JuggerKnot® & JuggerKnotless® All-Suture Anchors

Product Description

JuggerKnot® All-Suture Anchors

All-Suture Technology

Zimmer Biomet revolutionized soft tissue fixation in Sports Medicine with the introduction of the JuggerKnot anchor platform in 2009 with the 1.4 mm JuggerKnot, and we continue to innovate. This award winning1 100% suture based anchor system has quickly evolved into a family of anchors that offers one of the broadest ranges of options on the market for a multitude of different procedures.

  • Clinical Results: One study, performed with the 1.4 mm anchor, demonstrated clinically improved patient outcomes and fibrous tissue, complete bony healing or combined fibro-osseous healing in the anchor tunnel2
  • Versatile: Gain access to a robust soft anchor system on the market, which includes seven different size offerings and size specific instrumentation.
  • Strong: High pullout strength ranging from 20-120 lbs., depending on size of anchor3,4

JuggerKnot Soft Anchor-2.9 mm

  • Most commonly utilized for soft tissue to bone fixation in the shoulder
  • Designed with a custom braid polyester sleeve and double loaded with #2 MaxBraid™ suture
  • 120 lbs. anchor pullout strength4

JuggerKnot Soft Anchor-2.9 mm with Needles*

  • Most commonly utilized for mini open soft tissue to bone fixation in the shoulder
  • Designed with a custom braid polyester sleeve, double loaded with #2 MaxBraid suture, and loaded with two tapered or cutting needles to assist with the re-attachment of tissue to bone
  • Guideless design and less working length of inserter for surgeon preference
  • 120 lbs. anchor pullout strength3

JuggerKnot Soft Anchor-1.5 mm

  • Designed with a #6 polyester sleeve and loaded with a #2 MaxBraid suture
  • 65 lbs. anchor pullout strength in cortical bone2
  • Unique instrumentation includes:
    • Curved: 23˚ curvature allowing the ability to drill a hole perpendicular to bone surface at anchor site
    • Percutaneous: Anchor may be inserted into the skin through a 2.4mm diameter guide, in order to minimize tissue trauma
    • Centering Sleeve: Designed to assist with consistent anchor placement via the curved guide by centering anchor in the drill hole

JuggerKnotless® All-Suture Anchors

The clinical experience of the JuggerKnot® Soft Anchor and innovative knotless design of the ZipLoop® Technology paved the foundation for the development of the JuggerKnotless Soft Anchor.  With this design, the advantages of a knotless design are still achievable with the benefits of an all-suture anchor.

2.1mm JuggerKnotless

  • First of Its Kind:   First all-suture knotless anchor introduced to the market
  • Surgeon-Controlled Tension:  Allows surgeon the ability to control the tension of the anchor with their hands to restore the labral bumper
  • Knotless Technology:  Eliminates the need to tie surgical knots
  • Strong: Single loaded anchor (2.1mm) has 57lbs1 of pull-out strength, comparable to hard anchors
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