Fidji Cervical Cage

Product Description

Fidji® Cervical Cage


A system that capitalizes on all the properties of a high-tech material.

PEEK / Poly-Ether- Ether-Cétone uniques and unparalleled properties. Biocompatibility of this material is established.

Mechanical Specifications


PEEK interbody cages are more than simple spacers permitting vascularization between vertebral endplates, they mediate the application of physiological load conditions to the bone graft.   This ensures a continuity in the mechanical properties throughout the level involved, and consequently optimizes the conditions contributing to successful fusion.

Statiques Compression

  • Limite élastique : 6,53 kN
  • Déplacement élastique : 1,25 mm
  • Limite à la rupture : 10,46 kN
  • Déplacement à la rupture : 2,90mm

Dynamiques Compression 5 Hertz.

  • 5 millions de cycles sous une charge de 3,3 kN


Fidji Cervical Cages, engineered for optimal, anatomic fit to the vertebral endplates

  • Anatomic shape Lordosis angle of 2.8°
  • Safety during impaction thanks to the anatomic of the implant.
  • Anatomic shape for optimum integration and stability of the cage contributing to complete, successful fusion.
  • Apertures
  • Optional stabilizing fin and anti-backout teeth
  • Markers: a posterior vertical radio-dense marker





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