ExploR® Modular Radial Head System

Product Description

The ExploR® Modular Radial Head offers an efficient, practical solution for treating degenerative or post-traumatic conditions of the proximal radial head/neck. Its modular design means that the head and stem can be selected independently, allowing the head to closely match the diameter of the articulating surface of the native radial head while ensuring optimal stem fixation. After the stem is implanted, the head is loaded from the side, making it easier to assemble the implant in a tight joint. A setscrew secures the head to the stem. The system can be used for primary and revision joint arthroplasty with cemented or uncemented press-fit applications.

  • Modular design allows the head to be replaced without removing the implanted stem
  • Insertion technique allows for preservation of the radial collateral ligament
  • Reproduces natural articulation of radio-capitellar and radio-ulnar joints
  • Three head diameters, each with five different lengths, for a total of 15 head options
  • Five different stem options provide for optimal patient sizing
  • Fully interchangeable parts allow for 75 different combinations
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