Wagner SL Revision Stem

Product Description

The original Wagner SL Revision Stem offers a time-proven solution in the treatment of revision hips. While its underlying anchorage philosophy and bone-regenerating ability is uncontested, almost 20 years of clinical experience with this implant have led to the introduction of a number of modifications, which enhance the use of the implant and its indication range. Thus, the third generation is a natural evolution of the original Wagner SL Revision Stem and offers state-of-the-art features to accommodate today’s demands in revision total hip arthroplasty.

A revolutionary concept

When first presented in 1987, the anchorage philosophy of the Wagner SL Revision Stem, devised by Professor Heinz Wagner, was truly revolutionary, and has since set a milestone in the field of revision surgery of the hip joint. By means of his long, longitudinally ribbed SL Revision Stem, Professor Wagner sought to bridge an extensive defect in the proximal femur resulting from the removal of a primary implant or from a complex fragmented fracture in an elderly patient by anchoring the stem distally in solid bone.

Spectacular cases of bone remodeling in the postoperative follow-up were found, and have verified the concept of bridging the deficient proximal bone bed in order to stimulate the regeneration of bone growth in the region of the old prosthesis bed. Today, the Wagner SL Revision Stem is the most successful uncemented monobloc system for secondary interventions in Europe, and has been trusted by surgeons throughout the world for almost 20 years.

Design features

Tapered design and longitudinal ribs:

reliable and future-proof

Features of the stem concept are its tapered design, longitudinal ribs and circular cross-section. The narrowing in a 2° angle continues linearly for the entire length of the stem. Eight sharpened longitudinal ribs run down to the lower edge of the neck of the prosthesis and cut approximately 0.1 to 0.5 mm into the cortical bone, conferring increased primary and rotational stability.

Circular cross-section for greater flexibility

The circular profile along the entire length of the Wagner SL Revision Stem means that the antetorsion angle can be freely adjusted. It also makes it possible to prepare the canal with reamers instead of rasps in order to protect and preserve the bone. As there are no edges, there is an even distribution of stress, thereby preventing peak loads. This also reduces the risk of fissures when the stem is inserted

Osteophilic material and surface: proven long-term anchorage

The Wagner SL Revision Stem is made of titaniumaluminum- niobium alloy (Protasul®-100), whose biocompatibility has been proven by numerous histological studies of implant retrievals. The roughblasted surface supports bone formation and, thus, generates reliable secondary stability. The characteristic narrow ribs on the Wagner SL Revision Stem promote bone formation as well: the longitudinal furrows between the ribs provide room for the vessels in the narrow cavities to regenerate. This is an effective prerequisite for reactive ossification and revascularization in the cortex

A fundamental advantage of Protasul-100 is its modulus of elasticity, which can have particularly positive effects in revision surgery. This element clearly fulfills a biomechanical role, in that it supports visible bone regeneration in the proximal femoral segment.

The synergetic interaction between material, surface structure and design of the Wagner SL Revision Stem creates ideal conditions for accelerated bone formation.


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