Quattro® Suture Passers

Product Description

The ergonomic Quattro Suture Passers are designed for rotator cuff suture passing and management with a variety of options available to accommodate each surgeon’s preference.  Available are the Quattro GT Suture Passer with a self-retrieving top jaw and the Quattro Suture Passer with a non-capturing top jaw.

Consistent, Easy Suture Passing through Soft Tissue

The unique design of the hand-piece, in conjunction with the specially designed needles, allows for a smooth pass and easily grasps up to 16mm of tissue

  • The eyelet on the suture needle captures suture, rather than piercing and fraying the suture fibers, allowing for multiple safe passages of suture through tissue

Versatile Passers

Versatile passers, in both configurations, are designed for arthroscopic and mini-open repairs

  • The entire Quattro Suture Passer system is compatible both with MaxBraid™ Suture and BroadBand™ Tape
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