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Oral and maxillofacial surgery deals with a variety of conditions associated with the mouth, jaws, face and neck. Severe traumas and deformities do not only pose a risk to the function of the senses, but they often also entail psychosocial consequences.
This speciality encompasses the management of developmental facial anomalies including cleft lip and palate, facial trauma and surgery required in the management of orofacial malignancy. The scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery has widened over the last 15 years and continues to develop. An extensive array of procedures are performed, ranging from relatively minor surgery through to
complex major head and neck surgery.

There is a strong emphasis on reconstruction and operating in this emotionally and cosmetically sensitive area provides considerable clinical challenges.

Surtex presents a broad range of instruments for oral & maxillofacial surgery that help surgeons over come clinical challenges in this speciality. Our range includes but is not limited to the mouth gags, oral and maxillofacial retractors, elevators, osteotomes, awls, bone separators, repositioning instruments and disimpaction instruments etc.

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