MIXIGUN Bone Cement Mixing and Dispensing System

Product Description

MIXIGUN® Bone Cement Mixing and Dispensing System

Two Steps in One System

A Process for Success

With the MIXIGUN Bone Cement Mixing and Dispensing System, you can have a vacuum system that reduces bone cement porosity without having the need for a metal injection gun. The MIXIGUN System combines two functions – mixing and injection- into one product. Because of the unique mixing/ injection design, the system ensures an efficient and dependable process for bone cement mixing and delivery, while reducing costs associated with the sterile processing and logistical handling of reusable injection guns.

Key features of the MIXIGUN System

  • Completely disposable system
  • No metal/reusable injection gun needed
  • No costs associated with sterile processing
  • No logistics issues regarding gun availability
  • Multiple kits available – Hip, Knee and Hybrid
  • 2 processes in 1 – mixing and injection
  • Reduction in fumes while loading
  • Mixes all bone cements: high, medium and low viscosity
  • Vacuum system reduces porosity of the cement
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Excellent injection pressure achieved with less effort




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