BIOLOX Delta Ceramic Femoral Head

Product Description

Very Low Wear

  • Ceramic surface hardness reduces friction and improves wear 1
  • Favorable wetting characteristics of ceramic contribute to better lubrication and lower wear 1-3

Excellent Biocompatibility

  • An excellent choice for patients who may be sensitive to specific metal elements such as CoCr found in femoral heads 4
  • Alternative to a metal-on-metal articulation for surgeons concerned with delayed metal sensitivity due to metal wear and metal ions

High Fracture Resistance

  • BIOLOX┬«* delta ceramic toughness and bending strength are more than double that of pure Alumina ceramics through the addition of Zirconia and Strontium Oxide 1
  • Fracture toughness increased 150%, burst strength increased 160%, and four-point bending strength improved 210% compared with BIOLOX┬«* forte ceramic 1, 4


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