AFFIXUS® Hip Fracture Nail System

Product Description

AFFIXUS® Hip Fracture Nail System

Combines the principles of a compression hip screw with an Intramedullary nail


The AFFIXUS® Hip Fracture Nail System provides an efficient, practical solution for treating a wide range of proximal femoral fractures. The system combines the principles of a compression hip screw with the biomechanical advantage of an intramedullary nail. By combining a proximal 1.8M radius of curvature with a 3 degree distal bend, the resultant bow is comparable to a proximal 1.5M radius of curvature with a minimal offset. This not only accommodates the anterior bow of the natural femur, but also is designed to help ease insertion through the proximal region and minimize the risk of penetrating the anterior cortex.

  • Extensive range of neck/shaft angles, distal diameters, and nail lengths
  • Multiple locking options for implant stability
  • Optional anti-rotational screw
  • Allows for dynamic compression
  • Pre-assembled setscrew engages with lag screw to create a non-rotational or non-compression device
  • Easy-to-use instrumentation and targeting jig
  • GOAL POSTTM Technology assists in visualizing the femoral neck on the lateral view
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