When Is Shoulder Surgery Not Appropriate?

Even though shoulder surgery may be an effective way to minimize or eliminate shoulder pain, your doctor may decide that shoulder replacement surgery is not appropriate for you. Reasons could include:

  • You have an infection or a history of infection
  • You don’t have enough bone, or the bone is not strong enough to support a new shoulder
  • You have injured nerves in your shoulder area
  • You have injured or nonfunctional shoulder muscles
  • Your shoulder is severely unstable
  • Your bones are not fully grown or developed
  • You have noticeable bone loss or a severe decrease in bone mass (osteoporosis)
  • Your shoulder joint has been previously fused and is stable, functional, and painless
  • You have rheumatoid arthritis and active/history of skin lesions (due to increased risk of infection)



What Are The Risks Of Shoulder Surgery?

Shoulder replacements have been highly successful for years. Many people who have suffered from shoulder pain and arthritis have experienced relief and restored motion through total shoulder replacement. And because new materials and procedures are always being developed, the results continue to get better.


Questions To Ask Before Shoulder Surgery

Here’s a list of questions that may be helpful to ask your doctor before your shoulder surgery. We suggest you print this list and take it with you on your appointment.

  1. What complications may occur with this kind of surgery?
  2. What is the expected recovery time?


How Much Does Shoulder Replacement Surgery Cost?

The cost of a total shoulder implant varies, depending on the type of implant used. Generally, the hospital purchases the implant and includes it as part of the total cost for the surgery. The ultimate cost for shoulder replacement surgery is specific to the hospital where the surgery is performed.


How Is Shoulder Surgery Performed?

Shoulder replacement surgery is the same idea as having worn parts taken out, and new parts installed in their places. In shoulder surgery, the damaged portions of the shoulder bones are removed, and the shoulder is replaced with metal and plastic implants. Here’s what you can expect on a typical day of shoulder surgery:

  • A small tube (intravenous line) is inserted into your unaffected arm.


About Zimmer Shoulder Products

Your surgeon will choose which shoulder is best for you. Below is a list of the more common Zimmer shoulder products you may hear mentioned:

Anatomical Shoulderâ„¢ System

Traditionally, patients undergoing shoulder reconstruction faced two postoperative tasks. First, they had to let the shoulder tissues recover, as would be expected.

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